Parliamentary Economy: Amanat get many revenues and repay them Mapzmtha of funds to contractors
-September 29, 2016

Treasures Media / Baghdad

He called for economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary Harith Chanchal, the Baghdad Municipality to pay Mapzmtha of funds to contractors. He said Chanchal Thursday "*must pay the Municipality of Baghdad Mapzmtha of money to contractors especially as she gets many revenues as a result of taxes and rents that you get.* "

He added that "by Maoadna in the House of Representatives, it is due to the disposal of the Ministry of Finance financial dues to contractors in the coming days

He said Chanchal "The main problem facing the country is not to give the state departments charters to contractors and traders which cause a big problem."

He noted that "financial conditions in the country because of low oil prices befuddled a lot of things and we hope that the settlement of the future."

It is said that many of the contractors expressed unhappiness with the Municipality of Baghdad Mapzmtha for non-payment of financial dues , stressing the importance of paying their dues quickly and not delay their demands.