Tikrit residents receive sharqat re buses to their liberated

2016/09/30 15:10

{Saladin: Euphrates news} arrived in Tikrit in Salahuddin governorate on Friday, a number of buses under the guidance of Mayor Danielle.

The Governor's Office said in a statement, obtained by an agency {Euphrates news}, "buses are allocated by the Government of Saladin to move families and families displaced from Tikrit to spend sherqat Editor, now arrived."

He noted that "the Government has provided special busses Saladin to move displaced families, as well as sending Ministry of transport buses number 15, to move families from Tikrit to sharqat town and its villages.

Current situation the denominator was spend sharqat on dahdouh, on 25 September, the displaced families to return to the edited elimination of terrorist gangs of ISIS.

Said dahdouh {Euphrates news}, "hurry circles in sherqat resumption of electricity, water, agriculture and municipal", noting that "the Governor in all municipalities of Salahuddin province to go to sharqat to clean it up," calling on families to "go home, everyone has security approval in Kirkuk and Irbil, Tikrit, will ensure that IDPs and entered into the sherqat with ease".