{70} terrorists killed Announces defense targeting a foreign suicide bombers in breaker operations

2016/09/30 15:00

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} mod announced destruction of powered wheels in industrial neighborhood bombs anah in Anbar province, targeting a gathering of foreign suicide bombers with their premises and bombs in the village of Nuri happy spend sherqat Northern Salahuddin, destroying a terrorist {70} includes ISIS gangs during artillery shelling in a village of southern forces Mosul area.

The Defense Ministry statement said the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today that "based on information from the intelligence and Security Directorate General Aviation aircraft, the air force was able to destroy the lab to sabotage wheels and store of arms and related materiel in industrial neighborhood anah.

"With the international coalition aircraft targeted a gathering of foreign suicide bombers with their premises in sharqat village Nuri spend happy after providing them with accurate information from the General Directorate of intelligence and security."

"Coalition aircraft also targeted ISIS gangs while wiring connector Highway between webadosh barrels {TNT}, after receiving information from the Directorate of intelligence, and drew several thousand artillery heroes GE 15 artillery rounds daashi pool featuring {70} terrorists with guns and {25} wheel back to them after the UNMIK Directorate of intelligence gathering information."

"Artillery strikes destroyed completely in the village Assembly patrol forces, hand's Heroes found General Directorate of intelligence and security in Nineveh on a cache of arms and ammunition featuring DF hell and other explosive materials used in the stump village".