Kaemmkamih Zubair Safwan port development and calls complaining about the reluctance of an alternate port construction project


Kaemmkamih called Zubayr in Basra Thursday, the Federal Government interest in Safwan, the only land border port between Iraq and Kuwait and seek to develop it, complained of having a project to build a model port obliging near the current port.

Present position demanded justice Khalil said in a press interview alhasonh disciple "underground news agency Safwan border port infrastructure is weak, and its precincts are unable to trucks in large numbers, we therefore call on the Federal Government to take care of him and his development of great importance", stating that "the local government tried to improve the situation of the port through the work included the creation of rooms for waiting passengers and paving roads, but the integrity of those opposed believed that actions involving waste public money on a project to build a port Alternative beside the current port.

He alhasonh that the new model port project is one reluctant Federal projects, it might start working on a 110-space in 2013 and then stopped working on the project and the proportion done approximately 20% ", adding that" the project even if its organized and implemented correctly, accomplish it takes at least two years, and when done you must pay attention to the current port, overcoming obstacles and challenges to its development. "

Safwan port port is the only land border between Iraq and Kuwait, and attends daily over hundreds of trucks loaded with various kinds of imported goods, which passes some passengers daily, Kuwaiti called on the Kuwaiti side of the port name (Abdali), during some serious momentum port facing religious occasions by visiting the Holy places of the Gulf people, most of them from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.