International migration plans to erect camps for flood victims and monitor $ 80 million for projects in Iraq

2016/09/30 14:08

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

IOM Chief William Lacy Swing, when meeting Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ja'afari {who visits New York}, that the Organization would begin erecting camps for evacuees from the city of Mosul, with the process of editing.

According to a statement by the Secretary of State's Office, received {Euphrates news}, copy, that Jaafari met on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, William Lacy Swing, Director of the International Organization for migration, they discussed the humanitarian situation of the displaced, Iraqi immigrants who came out of their homes by the war against terrorist ISIS bands add to the setting for Mosul edits. "

The IOM Chief William Lacy Swing, according to the statement, that "visited Syria and Iraq during the past period, and briefed on the humanitarian situation of the displaced from their home areas by the war against terror," ISIS gangs, revealing that "great efforts and start pitching camps to shelter Iraqis displaced from Mosul starting with" operations.

FAO said approximately 1000 employee working with a budget of $ 80 million to accomplish a special project 59 provide assistance in different provinces of Iraq, "he said, adding that" six messengers more cadres to contribute the necessary humanitarian assistance, and to alleviate the suffering of displaced people, beginning with edits Mosul. "

The statement quoted Jafari, saying that "the terrorists of ISIS built a mass execution of Iraqi parties in many cities that they took, and demolished monuments and cultural trends, places of worship, hospitals, schools, universities, and all service institutions; causing exodus into Iraq from one city to another, migration out of the country."

"More efforts should be made by humanitarian organizations and the international community to support Iraq, and providing the necessary supplies with near Mosul edits starting", calling for "the adoption of action programmes have eased in suffering, prejudice, terrorism on Iraqi families".