Najafi describes Barzani's visit as "important" and warns of a project that aims to overthrow the government of al-Abadi
Thursday 29-09-2016
| 1:47:30 Twilight News / met Prime Muttahidoon Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi on Thursday, Jan Kubiš representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq.

A statement from the coalition said in response to a request Kubiš Najafi presented his vision of political and security situation and the requirements phase of the keenness and dedication to overcome obstacles list, where he confirmed welcomed Barzani's visit to Baghdad and the importance of the visit in the access to the results serve Iraq .

With regard to the battle of liberation of Nineveh Najafi stressed positions that represent the will of the people of the province to reject the participation of the popular crowd and relying on the people of the province of national and tribal crowd as well as the army and police forces and the fight against terrorism, support for the Peshmerga and the international coalition.

He pointed out that local forces are necessary and essential because it gives confidence to citizens and working on keeping the land and the people of the city investment cooperation in the elimination of Daesh.

Najafi and stressed that the a doption of advanced efficient plans that will reduce the potential displacement waves, and maintain the city's infrastructure, and to guide the use of firepower that could harm civilians.

In addressing the subject of Turkish troops, Najafi noted that it is up to the Iraqi and Turkish governments, and we hope that this issue is not reflected on the position of the mobilization of the people of the city.

Najafi said that the citizens of Nineveh right to represent them in any resolution dealing with their wallets, it is wrong to move beyond them in the battle decisions or political arrangements that track editing, including shaping the future of the province.

Najafi also discussed the proposal for the formation of a higher council for the management of the crisis and policy development to her, and the reconstruction of the city after liberation, and pointed out the importance of having another committee made up of representatives of the central government and local government to follow up on restoring stability .

Najafi called for the United Nations to prepare for the worst case scenario with respect to waves of displacement from Mosul.

It was also at the meeting to discuss the political situation and the performance of the House of Representatives and the government, following Najafi, the existence of the project is trying to topple the government by targeting its ministers , and we object to this method.