Work: increasing amount of social benefit early next November
{Baghdad} Euphrates News the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs explained, they will begin to increase the amount of social benefit in early November next month.
He said Labour Minister Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani, in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of which, " The ministry is making efforts so as to ensure the implementation of the contents of the Social Protection Act No. 11 of 2014 through the amendments put proposals that would achieve the safe covered by the social environment within law. "
He pointed out that," increasing the subsidy of social protection, approved by the cabinet and will be applied starting from the next installment in the month of November include the granting of a man 100 thousand dinars and 25 dinars per child up to three children for a total of 175 thousand dinars , "explaining , " as is the increase for women by 100 thousand dinars and 50 dinars per child up to two children and a third of 25 thousand dinars for a total of 225 thousand dinars. "
He added," the prime minister has agreed to a new proposal by the ministry includes increasing the subsidy of social protection in line with the country 's economic situation and achieve an increase in the number covered by the subsidy at the same time. "
He explained," the law guarantees granted amount of benefit in accordance with the standard poverty line and give beneficiaries a sum based on the minimum poverty line level , "noting that" social protection Agency submitted proposals contained inclusiveness subsidizing social protection based on the Article 24 of the social protection Act No. 11 of 2014 , which stipulates that the Council of Ministers to reconsider annually in benefiting from social protection groups, and the number of family members and the amounts allocated to each individual and increase the number of individual beneficiaries and the amount of the subsidy and the level of income provided for in proportion to the change in the situation economic and standard of living. "
and the Sudanese that" the prime minister studied the proposals on the basis of financial amounts allocated were on the track approval, "returned the approval of the prime minister" to achieve the increase subsidy of social protection is a positive step targeted towards the social system believes an important part of the requirements of that system being linked to the economic situation of the beneficiary families at the same time the ministry gives space to achieve its strategy in the fight against poverty , "noting that" such a move won applause observers who are interested in social affairs. "
the Minister of Labour and social Affairs Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani, the previously announced increase of financial allocations for protection social within the budget of the year 2016 by 50% , or an increase of 650 billion dinars from the previous amount of $ trillion and 350 billion dinars to be allocated to social protection amount about two trillion Danar.anthy