Iraq index rising at close to support banks.

Live: market general index rose Iraq stock exchange at the end of trading on Thursday, down by 0.04%, to reach the level of 561.01 points, winning 0.23 points, compared with levels in Wednesday's session..

And ascended the index today backed bank stocks; Bank rose 7.14% connector top gainers today, Babylon Bank increased 4.55%, Middle East Bank sector included substantial and valuable activities on 548.12 million shares traded, with a value of 180.88 million dinars.

Shares rose asiacell communications by 5.27%.

Today's turnover came down to 1.21 billion shares, compared with 11.87 billion shares traded in the last meeting, trading value dropped to 659.82 million dinars, versus 3.22 billion dinars in Wednesday's session, where meeting yesterday a deal on Bank United.