Transport conveyor line project opens to cargo and containers for all the Nations of the world

Thursday, September 29, 2016-05:16 pm

The Ministry of transport announced the opening of the line shipping carrier of goods and containers for all the Nations of the world within a decade, costing $ 500 million hit.

Shipping Manager, said Abdul Karim as NHL Gabri told upon signing a contract, a margin Marbad Ministry signed a contract with global cargo and container British Sea for all countries in the world, after a hiatus of 25 years, the cost of the contract amounted to 500 million dollars for 10 years. "

He added that the project would reduce fares that were previously paid on export and import of goods to and from Iraq. "

As he drew that "ships which sail under a logo 1000 transfer will begin shipping container for the rising number of containers gradually later, stating that he" was allocated his berth in the port of Um Qasr.