The Basra gas company continues to export liquid gas and condensate through specialized global carriers into global markets


The Basra gas company continues to export shipments of liquid gas (cooking gas) and a gas export port of capacitors in Um Qasr through specialized global carriers into global markets.

Informed sources at the company's underground News Agency pursued that tenth of liquid gas cargo had been shipped and exported before the days of 1523 tons as well as eleventh shipment of 1574 tons and 12 tons and 1549 and thirteenth shipment and 3250 tons, gas condensers material was exported 7 shipments in the last few days of the exported consignment 15.917 5 cubic meters 15.770, $ 6 charge and charge $ 7 m 15.348 cubic metres.

The sources said that the past period witnessed major development in the field of gas industry in Iraq and of the production process as well as its operations in the areas of domestic use as fuel for cars and in various industries such as fertilizer and petrochemical and cement plants and power stations that have seen significant improvement in processing for citizens thanks to the significant improvement and significant increase in dry gas production.

The sources added that the increased production of liquid gas constant and by accomplishing sequential project enabled interested local need for liquid gas consumption and then build a strategic reserve for emergencies were exported in excess of local export process will need upward on according to increase production so that this important event will be an important economic source for our country in this difficult financial envelope proud that we managed to reach the consumer need and start exporting after we were a year ago now we import this material. Millions of dollars for the purpose of meeting the need.

This is the first export quantum leap for long term project aimed to make Iraq one of the largest exporters of liquid gas in the region and achieve a new and important source of income for these export operations is Iraq a historic breakthrough has been achieved through great efforts made within the last few years through the complete expansion projects and maintenance of infrastructure for gas installations in southern Iraq and this result through joint action between Basra gas company and the Iraqi Government achieve this production within three years of establishment of the company This has led to increasing the productive capacity of the gas to the former twice leading to fill most of the local demand which were imported from abroad and that the benefits of this great project for Iraq to address natural gas that was previously burned and utilize it in a number of products such as capacitors and dry gas for electricity plus liquid gas (cooking gas).

Exports represent an important breakthrough

The source said that exports represent an important breakthrough in Iraq's entry to the world markets in this sector and to the Basra gas company worked out a plan to invest the associated gas to extract oil in three years and managed to invest more than 50% of the gas, since gas investment in this respect was reflected positively on the dry gas production processes and power plants to 2020 will see gas burner with oil extraction in the Rumaila field, West Qurna 1 field, Zubair and export shipments comes Under optimal investment of associated gas to oil operations and oil Ministry plans to expand the national production of this wealth in order to ensure financial revenues federal Treasury supply along with crude oil and condensate, the move represents an important breakthrough in Iraq's entry to the world markets in this sector.

The Basra gas company that owns the port of Um Qasr, run by the Iraqi Government in accordance with the vision and the company was established in 2013 to meet the challenges of lack of energy and a unique model is in Iraq for a public-private partnership consisting of the South gas company by 55% wemitsiobishi 44 shell% 5% company address, the gas was burning to be the largest gas in Iraq's history.