An Iranian company for manufacturing cars ready to open production lines at factories of Iraq

2016/09/29 12:06

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} head company {Iran Khodro} auto, desire his company prepare to open production lines at factories in meeting planning Minister {Agency Trade Minister} Salman Al-jumaili.

The statement said jumaili's Office received a copy of {Euphrates News} said Thursday that "the Minister and the corresponding delegation currently visiting Iran, met with the President of the Board of Directors and department heads and listened to a detailed explanation about the history of the origins and production lines and rates as well as the number of employees and companies that deal with the company."

The statement quoted jumaili said that "Iran's experience in the auto industry are successful and experienced a great development during the past years, especially during the years of siege as Iranians since we successfully planning to break this blockade." He expressed "the desire of Iraq in the development of industrial partnership with Iran and take advantage of this experience regarding the development of auto industry in Iraq."

The Iraqi Ambassador said in Tehran rahag Moussaoui who accompanied the Minister on his trip that "bilateral relations between the two countries close ties and are constantly evolving and that the Minister's visit comes within document and develop these relationships.

He also wished to make use of Iran's experience in industry to develop the private sector and enable him to engage in this area. "

Among the company's Chairman said during the meeting that "Iran Khodro company founded in 1962 and the current Jai {billion} $ and collaborates with well known global companies including German Mercedes company produces {670} thousand cars per year."

He pointed out that "the blockade Iran 2011 paid to defy odds and successfully develop our automotive industry today, we sell our production, both internally and externally, our goal is to reach production {3} million cars in the coming years."

"The company is working in accordance with the policy now by Iranian industry Ministry Agean, expressing his readiness to open production lines in Iraqi factories according to what suits the Iraqi market", noting that "experience possessed by the company can benefit from good experiences".