The killing of Wali Hawija Bdaash and 13 assistants have a collapse of the tunnel for them

Twilight News / source from inside Hawija reported that a tunnel dug by militants Daesh collapse on them on Thursday, killing "and to" Hawija, "Abu Nasser al-Zubai," and 13 of his aides.
The source pointed out in his interview with Twilight News, that "the so-called Wali Hawija Bdaash called terrorist (Abu Nasser al-Zubai) was killed along with 13 of his associates after the collapse of one of them, a distance of tunnels is estimated at 1 kilometers." He added that "the tunnel collapsed after air strikes by the flight of the Iraqi Air Force, and upon accurate intelligence led to the collapse of the tunnel and buried alive inside." The last stronghold of Hawija Daesh in Kirkuk, where they were isolated from the rest of the militants in their areas of influence after the restoration of areas in the northern Salahuddin and south of Mosul.