Resolving the vacant ministries file 9-28
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Thread: Resolving the vacant ministries file 9-28

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    Resolving the vacant ministries file 9-28

    Resolving the vacant ministries file

    9/29/2016 0:00


    morning is hoped that Dr. Haidar al - Abadi Prime Minister shall be submitted within the next week parliamentary sessions the rest of the candidates for the vacant ministries, as among the representative suggested that al - Abadi offers three ministers candidates out of 5 has been agreed on them, especially after the escalation of the parliamentary vote , which calls for the speedy submission of new candidates and not to leave vacant ministerial portfolios.

    House of Representatives decision Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu said in a statement the "morning" that "there is a strong urgency by parliament on complement of ministerial portfolios, as it has hosted security agents for these ministries in the security and defense committee and there was grumbling by them from looting powers and complained of the absence of a minister. "

    he added:" there Mnacfat between the political blocs calls for quotas and demanding the ministries of trade and Industry, and the prime minister at a loss of their demands, "in the words of MP, noting that" the Turkmen component also strongly demanded that have a ministerial seat ", and between Davutoglu that" challenged the House decisions concerning the withdrawal of confidence would not respond, so the process of withdrawal of confidence going on must be the servants of the preparation of the names of the new ministers. "

    finishing touches

    for his part, the Iraqi parliament member Abbas al - Bayati said , " Abadi said are finalizing a list of the new ministers, as was the resolution of three ministers out of five say the least. "
    Bayati said in a statement the " morning ": that" there are candidates has been brought by the Prime Minister, some of them are independent technocrats and the other part politicians possess the required specifications they want Abadi , "noting that" it has become a semi - settled in this regard , where he still consults with the political blocs on the part of the ministries , as he was waiting for the opinion of the court in respect of other ministers , "and added that" al - Abadi has become has a list of good specifications in relation to the line -up ministerial vacancy , "noting that" next week could see the vote on the three ministers at the latest. "

    ministries vacant , in turn, showed the House of Representatives member from the Liberal bloc Zainab al - Taie that" Abadi is long overdue in the nomination of candidates, and any justifications for his part , has become unacceptable ?, because it falls upon himself to accelerate the formation of the government , one of the part of his responsibility , "according to Rep.

    she said al - Tai" morning ":" the Prime Minister himself said that next week - and in the first Algelsat- come candidates for the ministries of vacant five defense, interior, finance, commerce and industry "indicating that" the Liberal bloc is not interested in any negotiations in this regard. "

    noted the MP that" the mass will not vote on the candidates of the political blocs , and there will be withdrawal from before , "emphasizing that" the mass wants ministers technocrats and independent away from the nominations blocs. "

    and suggested Tai " the readiness of candidates for the ministries of interior, defense and there are some sort of agreement about them, while Commerce and Industry , there is no disagreement on them, and it remains disagreement on the Minister of Finance , which did not remain a constant search for an alternative."

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