The launch of the 10 million advance, and receipt via smart card
Ali Abdul Salman 205 09/27/2016

Parliamentary Integrity Commission announced that Rafidain Bank launched an advance of 10 million dinars for staff, as revealed that it will be spent through the card to the card, confirmed the transfer of some ministries loans on the Rasheed Bank.

Said committee member Turaihi flowers in a press statement, said that the new mechanism include the exchange is the advance of the employee, provided that the issuance of the smart card in a move to curb corruption operations on the one hand it ensures payment on a regular basis on the other.

Turaihi added that the ministries of health, interior and defense did not include loans Rafidain Bank, noting that the committee has discussed with the bank managers were adding those ministries at the Rasheed Bank, while Bank of Iraq will take care of the remaining ministries.