Shares of banks and industry back off Iraq index

Live: market general index slipped Iraq stock exchange at the end of the day Wednesday, 0.28%, to 560.78 level point, loser 1.57 points, compared with levels in Tuesday's session..

Today's index fell under pressure from banks and industry; as it dropped the Mansour Bank shares by 4.9%, and Baghdad Bank fell 1.3%, United Bank sector included activities of both volume and value today in trading of 10 billion shares, worth 2.3 billion dinars, although the top connector for Bank gainers today by 7.69%.

Industry shares fell 3, where declining shares surge marketing 3.03% Iraqi carpet fell by 1.09%, modern sewing fell 0.66%, and agriculture stocks to assist agricultural production capacity today by 6.67%, Middle East fish fell 4.23%.

Hotel shares varied between slipped 0.83 percent and the Mosul Dam tourism national b 0.58%, with Ishtar hotels rose by 2.89%.

Today's turnover rose to 11.87 billion shares, compared with 1.21 billion shares traded in the last meeting, and the value of trades to 3.22 billion dinars, $ 437.35 million dinars in Tuesday's session, after a deal on Bank United.