Abbadi: we asked the Obama increased military trainers and advisers in Iraq

2016-09-28 at 14:37

Baghdad the balance of news

The Prime Minister said Haidar Abadi, Wednesday, he asked United States President Barack Obama increased numbers of military advisers and trainers in Iraq for the purpose of providing attribution as release the connector between the United States approved the request.

Abbadi's Office said in a statement received/balance of news ", in preparation for the battle of liberating Mosul and eliminate the gangs of ISIS and freeing the entire territory of Iraq in light of the role that contributes by trainers and advisers of the International Alliance to accelerate the resolution of the battle where he was consulting with u.s. President Barack Obama at the request of the Iraqi Government to increase the number of us trainers and advisers under the umbrella of the international coalition in Iraq", stating that "the request to increase the trainers for the purpose of providing support to Iraqi security forces in the forthcoming battle champion to release the connector.

Abadi said the statement said, the US Government agreed to the demand, pointing out that it "will start to reduce the number of consultants and coaches immediately after the liberation of Mosul."He stressed that "the role of trainers and counsellors not combatant but for training and consultation only," explaining that "liberate the Earth is our heroine and no troops or foreign fighter fighting with Iraqi forces since the start of the land" edits.

Abbadi expressed about "highly valued the efforts of the States participating in the international coalition stands with Iraq to eradicate the terrorist organization of ISIS".