Urgent lifting of the state of security alert in Basra prison for terrorist threat

2016/9/28 13:35

[Oan- Baghdad]

Security devices and force tasked with protecting lifted Basra prison in Basra province, state of readiness and preparedness of any terrorist threat.

A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Justice / Department of reform received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that the department "raised the security readiness to protect prisons and revise their own plans with the security leaders to raise procedural force charged with protecting the prisons."

The Director General of the Department Hussein's military, according to the statement, that "the Basra prison administration discussed with the commander of the Basra Operations Maj. Gen. tired morning, and the director of the National Security Service in the province, a number of proposals and plans that Haenha boost fortifications around the prison perimeter and take advantage of the intelligence effort in the face any terrorist target or security breach, "adding that" the prison administration to conduct a continuous contacts with the security services and works on developing mechanisms of cooperation and coordination with them. "

Military and added, "The prison administration discussed with commanders and officers of the headquarters in charge of controlling the protection of the external walls of the prison developments in the security situation and an action plan in line with the size of the security threats and ensure the necessary security protection around the perimeter of the prison."

He pointed out that "the security force strengthened its capabilities in the face of any emergency and tightened security cordon around the prison perimeter."