The Ministries of Industry and Oil are discussing cooperation in the provision of gas for industrial projects

2016/9/28 10:05

[Where - Baghdad]

Examined by the ministries of industry, oil, gas cooperation in the field of providing future industrial projects in Iraq.

A statement by the Ministry of Industry received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "The two sides Tdarsa issue of giving priority in future industry projects equipped with gas, particularly joint venture Nebras with Shell International, one of the mega projects that the ministry is working on his stay in the province of Basra with a production capacity an estimated one million, eight hundred thousand tons of petrochemicals a year. "

He pointed out, "it was addressed to develop a joint study to overcome the challenges facing the project as it is expected to dramatically improve the reality of the province of Basra, which suffers from high unemployment, as well as laying the groundwork to ensure the allocation of the bulk of Iraqi gas industry since it is the best types of gas in the world because it contains the largest amount of the effective portion compared to other species. "

It is noteworthy that a large part of the gas that accompanies oil extraction process burn now to avoid environmental damage and that this is a big waste of one of the country's main resources because the process gas gathering and then filtered represent a major challenge at the moment, which led to the government to contract with international companies such as Shell and Luke oil and BP to establish the foundations for this to stop the wastage through improved infrastructure, and Iraq hopes to raise output energies of gas in the coming years with the increase in oil production and thus are expected to cover all local needs and provide opportunities for export.