Transport Minister visits Qar tomorrow to determine work in Nasiriyah airport

2016/09/28 12:25

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Transport Minister Cup Erythema, Thursday, to Dhi to stand on the evolution of employment in Nasiriyah airport.

Adil aldkhili, first Deputy Mayor, in a statement received {Euphrates news}, copy, that Erythema "conservative visit Thursday to discuss developments in the working stages in civil airport Nasiriyah", noting that "the Government of Dhi relied heavily on the upcoming visit of the Minister to continue the functioning of the airport and identify major constraints and harness Ministry effort to expedite its completion."

And, "there are many files for Transport Ministry and its departments in the province will be on the table for discussion with erythema," welcomed "the upcoming visit to the Transport Minister to discuss ways to improve transport and communication realities in thi.

The Deputy Governor, stressed "the importance of continuing with local governments in provinces and see the realities of field".

It is said that, in the usual meeting with Cabinet 28 held on 28 July at the Transport Minister Abdul Hussein abtan Agency by Ministry of transport created a civilian international airports, one in Nasiriyah airport and other international airport in Al Kut.

Official book was made by the Cabinet Secretariat, the Ministry of the need to ensure the aviation safety standards are met and the approval of the civil aviation authority to establish two airports, noting that the book stressed that the relevant ministries to provide the necessary support for the implementation of projects.

Download International Airport Commission member Nasiriyah bonded undercover soldiers, the Defense Department responsible for delaying the opening of the airport was due to open on September 25.

Aboudi said, l {Euphrates news}, "the Defense Ministry responsible for delaying the opening of the airport which is scheduled", but that "the airport underway today in full swing and are optimistic that opens at the end of this year."

It is hoped that the international airport of Nasiriyah, provides nearly 2000 business opportunity, so that the area proposed for the establishment of the civilian airport under rule nearly 20 thousand square meters.