Ornaments: edit Sharqat process clean and according to international standard

Walid al-Hilli praised the secretary general of the institution of human rights in Iraq, the military plans developed by the commander of the armed forces, Haidar al-Abbadi with security leaders in the cause of liberation Shirqat city as well as the performance of the security forces in the edit. He ornaments in a statement on Wednesday, the Iraqi transmitter network received (IBN) a copy of the edit Sharqat process was Nzivot process and quality and have been implemented during the 48 hours and that the Iraqi forces have maintained their commitments to the humanitarian aspects and did not cause to harm civilians also maintained the infrastructure and public institutions and property private citizens. He recalled ornaments Maanah sons Sharqat harsh freedoms and rights violations, and the horror and fear and humiliation practiced Daesh criminal gangs which make them crying to the government to save them from this tragic situation were to meet their appeal dismantling their families, and their return free for a dignified life, thanks to God and determination heroes of the security forces and the popular crowd. Solemn the inhabitants of Nineveh, Kirkuk cooperate with Iraqi security forces, which Stzhv them liberated them from the tyranny of the criminal gangs and commitment Ptalimadtha in order to preserve their lives and property and to rid the Iraqi people who violated the sanctities and assaulted human dignity which God has honored the best honor.