Change calls for Baghdad to deal with Barzani that he represents himself and not the people of Kurdistan

Baghdad balances News
The leader of the Change bloc MP Hoshyar Abdullah, Wednesday, that the visit of Massoud Barzani and his accompanying delegation to visit Baghdad are purely partisan, since it is now representing himself and his party only after his term ended as head of the province. Abdullah said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "Barzani's visit accompanying him to the capital Baghdad and the delegation is to visit a partisan purely, is currently representing his person and his party only and mandate expired and is not representative of the people of Kurdistan, the only Valjhh which represents the people of Kurdistan is the region's parliament, it is currently disabled by decision of Barzani, so the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to contend with him that is representing himself and his party only. " And between Abdullah, he said that "Barzani unfortunately played a role unfortunate to improve the relationship between the center and the region over the past years and did not succeed in finding a smooth relationship, but it was a major cause of disagreements, especially since it is acting with the Iraqi state, according to Ojindath partisan." "We are advocates of strengthening the relationship between the province and the federal government, but on condition that pour this relationship in the interest of Iraq and the Kurdistan region, and we are not with agendas partisan figure tight," adding that "the important thing for us now is to solve the region and s oil salaries problem, too often we see the exchange of accusations between the two parties about the oil file, Valbarzana accuse the federal government to cut the budget the province and al-Abbadi accused Barzani, the lack of transparency in the oil file, under such recrimination people pay the price and languishing in poverty because of the denial of their salaries. " And "on-Abadi to seriously seek to resolve the region salaries problem and resolve the issue of the oil's in the interest of both parties, it is unfortunate that in front of the media accusing Barzani and his party that there is no transparency in the oil file, but to Aatsrv with this issue in accordance with the constitutional and federal powers to resolve these problems It has become the issue of public opinion in the region, especially since there are demonstrations almost daily to demand an end to the financial crisis, "pointing out that" in the event of failure of the Abadi dissolve the oil file and salaries will take all regulatory and parliamentary procedures against him, because it is not we can watch the suffering of our people who live without salaries ". It is said that the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, will be a planned visit to the capital Bgdad.anthy 29 / D 24