Oil Minister: Iraq is seeking a rapprochement between the producing countries and support prices

Baghdad balances News
Oil Minister Jabbar Luaibi, Wednesday, that Iraq seeks to bridge the gap in views between Iran and Saudi Arabia and work to narrow differences between the two countries, the gap in order to reach a compromise formula between them so as to serve the interests of oil-producing countries and to support oil market stability and achieve common goals. The oil minister said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that "the Iraqi delegation participating in the meetings of the ministers of oil in Algeria has played an influential and a big role in that, and there are some obstacles that we hope the parties concerned to overcome as we all strive to find better solutions for the stability of the oil market and support prices and balance required in the global oil market. " He added, that "he met while attending the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) meeting held in Algeria, a number of ministers of oil and energy participants, including Algeria's energy minister, and ministers of the Kuwaiti oil, the UAE and Saudi and Iranian and Venezuelan and Russian as well as the Secretary General of OPEC." He pointed out that he "made a speech at the meeting talked about the challenges and circumstances faced by the Iraqi oil industry, including, attacks Daesh gangs terrorist attacks on some oil fields in the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin and Kirkuk, as well as lower oil prices and its impact on the Iraqi economy and the ministry's efforts to promote the oil and gas industry and work to optimize the investment of national wealth ".anthy 29 / d 24