Coalition forces: the attack on the Qayyarah analysis confirmed the lack of chemicals

Issuing the results of recent tests on missiles that were fired at the base in Qayyarah September 20 , 2016, which received negative results on 26 September 2016, which is received in the absence of any chemicals in it.
In the beginning the first analysis conducted that showed the possibility of a chemical substance, which required more in- depth analysis to see if they had used any chemicals in it.
Analyses conducted by the Department of the ministry laboratories and laboratory Alkhargeh the leadership of the 20 US Army specialist analyzed the chemical explosives to confirm the results, which both received that does not exist any chemicals in the weapons that were fired at the base.
Will remain members of the coalition forces are committed to resolutely against anti threats and committed to continuing to support their partners on the land to destroy Daesh in Iraq and Syria.