Airstrikes stopped a convoy of international aid to Homs

It rejected a convoy of United Nations assistance, to enter the city of Rastan in Homs province north, after targeting the Syrian army planes through was scheduled to be overwhelmingly, according to Syrian opposition sources.
He said in the opposition of the local council member in the city of Rastan, said the fighter jets started bombing the road, upon the arrival of a convoy of aid to the town of the "big house" crossing, which forced them to retreat for fear of target, similar to what happened in the countryside of Aleppo a week ago.
The convoy consists of 36 trucks loaded with food and medical supplies, provided by the United Nations, and accompanied by a delegation from the Syrian Red Crescent
On the other hand, about 40 people were killed in Aleppo by the Russian and Syrian raids on the eastern neighborhoods of the city, simultaneous attempts by Syrian government forces backed by militias Iranian progress on the ground to the opposition control of the places in the city.
Said sources in the field for "Sky News Arabia , " said a Russian fighter jets targeted the neighborhoods of the logo and the landscape and the village Qrlq in old Aleppo, killing 39 people and injuring about 50, while others are still under the rubble, most of them women and children.
The sources also said the system jets targeted several areas, in rural Aleppo , north and west.
In regard to a related development , described the Head of Delegation of the supreme body of the Syrian negotiations, Asaad Al Zoubi, what has been traded for Washington 's intention of arming the opposition in Syria, the move too late and unjust.
Zoubi accused the United States of ignoring the entry of arms and foreign militias, which supports the Syrian regime.