Relations: the phenomenon of the "the" remarkably widespread in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Approach to news /
Alerted the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives the spread of the sons of officials in the Foreign Ministry, which dubbed the phenomenon "the" at the Foreign Ministry set. A member of the Committee for the Kurdistan Islamic Union Muthana Amin's "approach to the news," said the committee had previously met with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and talked with him on the issue of the spread of the phenomenon of relatives and sons of officials in the Iraqi embassies abroad and designated by the Commission to the phenomenon of "the", stressing that the minister pledged to address this matter in the next stage. And that the majority of these were recruited on permanent staffing and legal ways and can not delete them or get them out of the ministry without a reason they are lifted, only one of the state officials. He hinted that the Commission Minister Ban warned there is a lot of ambassadors to Ayaoodwa to the country if the end of their service, but moving from one embassy to another, and such a thing is contrary to the law of the Foreign Service, pointing out that the minister confirmed the existence of a number of violations that were previously will be processed in the coming days.