Zebari discuss with the issue of Kubler Camp Ashraf and the preparations for the meeting of 5 +1

Baghdad / WAP / Research and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, with the head of the UN mission in Iraq Martin Kobler issue of Camp Ashraf.

A statement from the Foreign Ministry today, "said Zebari met with President of the UN mission in Iraq Martin Kobler and discussed the issue of Camp Ashraf, Iraq and fulfill its obligations towards the international humanitarian and its inhabitants.

And demanded that the European countries and the acceptance of foreign resettlement and without them will be the ongoing process between Iraq and UNAMI mission to take them to Camp Liberty threatened with failure. "
"It was also discussed relations between Iraq and Kuwait's half, which saw a significant improvement and preparations are underway to hold the next meeting of the Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint for the period of 29 -30-4-2012 in Baghdad to discuss bilateral issues down to the exit of Iraq's full of provisions of Chapter VII."

Zebari said the preparations undertaken by Iraq to the 5 +1 meeting among the six adults and the European Union and Iran, which will be held in Baghdad on 23/5/2012, about Iran's nuclear program. / End