Cabinet approved that the farmer receives dues within one week from the date of receipt of agricultural crops

Tuesday, September 27 2016 - 20:57

According to a statement of the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday that the "Council of Ministers held its regular Tuesday headed by Haider al-Abadi," noting that, "Abadi briefed the conduct of military operations and the victories achieved on Daesh terrorist gangs."

The Cabinet approved the establishment of the Office of Financial Supervision Federal audited dues Contractors before discharge from the concerned authorities and the Council agreed to amend the bill the federal budget for fiscal year 2017 to be the price of a barrel of oil to $ 42 and have export ceiling of 3.75 million barrels Aumiao reduce expenses to 90.224 trillion Denarau indebtedness 5608 size trillion dinars.

And on entitlements peasants Council of Ministers has agreed to take charge of the ministries of trade and agriculture to proceed with the reimbursement of farmers for crops received in 2016 and the Ministry of Finance to provide financial liquidity through treasury bonds in order to pay dues of farmers for crops received in 2016 also approved a plan to speed up the receipt of agricultural crops from the ministries of trade and agriculture.

And to emphasize the commitment of agricultural plan approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in addition to the deduction of 2% of the amount of wheat received by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to support the seed fund.

It was identified agricultural crop prices, which would be delivered in 2017 wheat first class: 560 000 dinars per ton and wheat second class: 480 000 dinars per ton of wheat to third degree [feed]: 420 000 dinars per tonne and barley: 420 000 dinars per ton and implemented this decision starting from the date of promulgation.

With regard to the pandemic flu, the Cabinet approved the establishment of the Ministry of Agriculture to compensate the animal's owner for an animal that destroys official minutes of according to the law of the Animal Health after the minister to issue the statement mentioned in the article the value of [28] of the Act and, subject to the application of the provisions of Article [40] of the Act above and distract allocated to the Higher Committee for bird flu amount.

The Council approved the granting of the Ministry of Commerce exception to the methods of the contract provided for in Article 3 of the Implementing Regulations of government contracts [2] for the year 2014 in order to purchase a quantity of 154 thousand and 916 tons of Iraqi sugar product material by the Iraqi Food Industries Union Co., Ltd., covering needed only two months and stocks of emergency allocations earmarked for this ministry, to the failure of the Ministry of Finance fully allocated to this ministry of the federal budget amounts to convert and authorize the Commerce Department authority to purchase and sign a contract with the Iraqi company.

The Cabinet also agreed to give the Commerce Department the authority to negotiate and direct contracting with the company produced / manufactured or executed contractual obligations formerly with the ministry through the Central Commission for review and approval of the assignment of the Ministry of Commerce exception of the Implementing Regulations of government contracts [2] for the year 2014 and the regulations issued under to buy a quantity of 100,000 tons of sunflower oil to cover the need of three months on the basis of the monthly amount needed 34,000 tons.

The Council also gave congratulations to the Iraqi people on the occasion of qualifying Iraq team junior football for the World Cup for juniors tournament after winning yesterday the national team of Uzbekistan score two goals to none and praise players and staff training and administrative. It was also adjusted the amount of social benefits specific social protection law No. 11 of 2014, based on Article 24 of the law.