Abbadi consultant: 250 thousand employees would leave the 5 years and clog up 40% of the deficit

2016-09-27 at 19:18

Special the balance of news

The Prime Minister's economic adviser said the appearance of Mohamed Saleh, Tuesday, to five years leave act for employees paid at the lowest estimates for 250 thousand employees to apply it, indicating that it will fill about 40 percent of the budget deficit.

He said, for the balance of news that "there are two bills in the House I own separate staff leave for five years with my salary and if Parliament passed the second act the same in balancing 2017."

He added, "it is estimated that at least 250 thousand employees will present five years leave nominal salary, the Minister is entitled to refuse employee leave if the circle need his services.

Saleh said that "the law would fill in the lowest estimates 40% of physical disability and will drive private sector that Iraq headed the free economy".

The Cabinet was announced earlier, about his okay on a Bill which granted five years leave to pay my name is optional and lifting the law to Parliament for approval.