The oil Ministry delegation visits Iraq to meet the needs of the citizens of fuel

2016/09/27 15:10

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} oil products distribution company on Abdul Karim Moussaoui on a field trip with advanced cadre company into districts and areas of Anbar province during the tour, see the qualification process and delivery of petroleum products distribution outlets to pan districts and areas of the province.

Moussaoui said in a statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "the first leg of the field trip was in Fallujah talks Fallujah was bkaemmkam and the need to speed up the rehabilitation of packing plants affected by terrorism for the purpose of petroleum products and to provide displaced families in the Elimination of oil products through filling stations {Barakat Rahman, conquest shown, subject} which began work to provide citizens with fuel."

The statement added that "the Director-General then visited Fallujah distribution center for the rehabilitation and re-run Center and engineering staff were meeting the specialist and supervisor of the work and who vowed to complete work record period, note that the processing centre residential generators and furnaces and Government departments and agents of two sacks by my gas oil {kerosine} and white oil".

"We are directive sends up flat car {490} liquid gas cylinder for distribution to families returning to Fallujah," then the old gray is gray and lose the new stations and see the happenings of the workflow and the need for petroleum products continuously and without interruption and interest or developmental aspect in accordance with modern specifications.

The saqlawiyah area visited Mussawi, accompanied by the speaker of the Israeli krhot morning Anbar and Fallujah ISA Sayer and lose saqlawiyah station and is ready to work once the product after coordination with security forces and provincial Council to overcome difficulties and allow the tanks to the area for the purpose of providing citizens with fuel. "

It said Mussawi stressed "the importance of adhering to the guidance of the Ministry and the need to harness all the possibilities of supplying the packing plants in Anbar logistics needed to run and provide citizens with petroleum products.

The statement noted that "Moussaoui and briefed during a stroll through in Fallujah work bakeries and ovens working there and instructed the Director of the Western distribution providing bakery ovens and fuel to run and not spare it for the purpose of continuing to subsidize families returning to Fallujah, Anbar police chief visit also met with General zerig Hadi jurist who praised and praised the significant role of the oil Ministry with its exceptional efforts in providing fuel to families returning to their home areas in the province.

He noted that "Moussaoui vine area visited for the functioning of the rehabilitation of the vine plant heavily damaged state as a result of military operations and discussed with engineering cadres who work hard in pitching the pumps and maintain reservoirs and electric wires need to accelerate delivery of petroleum products.

Mussawi demanded the concerned authorities need to facilitate the arrival of tanks and trucks loaded with fuel walhodiat to the liberated areas and cities in the province to cover the needs of the citizens of fuel ".