Attorney-Jubouri, the international community calls for intervention to stop the fires Qayyarah

Baghdad balances News
MP Ahmed al-Jubouri detect fires in Qayyarah wells still burning despite the efforts of the North Oil Company to extinguish the fire and prevent the flow of crude and called on the international community to intervene to stop these fires that threaten the environment and is bleeding oil wealth. Jubouri said a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in a statement that "after more than a month on the oil-well fires in Qayyarah and despite the efforts of the North Oil Company cordoned off the wells and prevent the flow of crude to the city" past to say "But the fire is still burning and has become a pollution environmental very dangerous to people, especially children and the elderly who started them respiratory diseases as well as a big waste of wealth. " He added, "As for that deputy and a representative of the people of Qayyarah and after the Iraqi government's failure to deal with this disaster, ask the international community through their embassies in Baghdad with the help of the Ministry of Oil and the Iraqi government and people to preserve the environment and human beings." And demanded an international effort to maintain the "wealth of the Iraqi people," because the current efforts of the Ministry of Oil, "You can not turn off the wells, even if it lasted for a long time," says al-Jubouri. Ended m h n