MPs should be removed and the Ministry of Defense and the Interior for political quota system

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Hamoudi, the first deputy speaker of parliament, said: "We are still waiting for the Prime Minister to give us the names, were contacted yesterday by God willing, I expect in the next sessions to have the names of the characters." Other lawmakers have seen in the case of the dimensions of the Defense Ministry and the Interior for political quota system a necessity in light of the country is living conditions of security needs to the capabilities and competencies of an independent in these two ministries. Abdul Karim Abtan, a member of the House of Representatives, said: "I hope the Prime Minister to exclude four ministries of the quota system." After the dismissal of the Minister of Finance, it becomes five ministries in the current government vacant, namely the Ministry of defense, interior, finance, trade and industry, at a time when the demonstrations are still taking place in the country calling for the necessity of the assumption by these ministries to independent figures.