Pentagon: Daesh "designer" on the use of chemotherapy

A spokesman for the US Department of Defense said that the militants organize Daesh "determined" on the use of chemical weapons and Saejrebunha probably with the progress of the Iraqi forces toward Mosul, a week after the fall of the rocket carrying what may be a component of chemical near US troops.
The rocket landed , which was launched Tuesday in an uninhabited area of the population in the west of Qayyarah base just a few hundred meters from the place where US forces are working to set up an airstrip for the attack to restore Iraqi city of Mosul. No one was hurt in the attack.
Navy Capt . Jeff Davis , a Pentagon spokesman, said that the result of the first test , which was carried out on the shell was positive regarding the use of mustard gas , but subsequent tests were not decisive and the shell is subject to further tests.
He said Davis "fully aware that this is something already Daesh do. I've done a few times and we know their release places temporary munitions filled with mustard gas this for at least 24 times."