Gold price stability with the decline of the dollar

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Gold prices rose slightly in Asian trading this morning the first week with us dollar slipped amid us interest rate expectations evaporated and investors shifted attention to the first debate between the presidential candidates and their comments.

Immediate sale price rose gold by 0.1 percent to $ 1338.82 an ounce while gold rose to 1343.1 dollars an ounce.

Gold price corresponds inversely with the dollar, like oil and other commodities and minerals residing in the US currency.

The dollar had dipped by 0.3 percent against the yen to 100.75 Yen the dollar dropped with investors ' expectations of possible us interest rate hike.

With the countdown for the first debate between the Democratic presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, Monday evening turns the attention of investors away from the markets generally to remark the candidates on the American economy.

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