Erythema Multiforme: the European Union ensure that create a sophisticated building and runway, airfreight airport in Basra.

2016-09-26 at 17:24

The balance of news Baghdad

Transport Minister Kazim Cup Erythema, Monday, the European Union guarantees the creation of a new and sophisticated building runway for air freight at Basra International Airport.

Erythema, pointed statement/balance of news, a copy of it, to be a member of Basra flower albegari "got the golden opportunity for Ministry of transportation includes a new stadium and guaranteed by the establishment beginning for air freight within the airport as Basra International Airport airports open to international shipping.

Columbine stressed that "(Los virghar) will this gigantic project and provide all the basic necessities to complete it," pointing at the same time that the EU "will take care of all financial expenditures to complete the new project in Basrah International Airport where they will be managed under the supervision of the Ministry of transport away from Datel."