Salahuddin Governor: more than 17,000 homes destroyed in the province because of Daesh

2016/9/26 16:06

[Oan- Baghdad]

Salahuddin Governor Ahmed al-Jubouri, announced that more than 17 home was destroyed in the province after the occupation of the terrorist Daesh of cities and areas where gangs.

Jubouri said in his speech during the opening of Iraq's exhibition for the reconstruction of liberated cities on Monday in the Baghdad International Fair, in the presence of the Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi and Minister of Trade and agency Salman Jumaili, that "more than 17,000 homes were subjected to destruction in towns and villages and tubing to maintain and this requires a great effort for the reconstruction of Madmr aiming to return the displaced, "he said." how we have many factories and plants stopped due Daesh. "

He asked "the international organizations and the central government of the need to intensify efforts and support of the liberated areas and steadfast ones where damaged those areas by a large margin due to the control of terrorist Daesh gangs over a large area from them, which wreaked havoc result, prompting thousands of families to escape from the oppression of the severity Daesh."

He appealed to the international community Jubouri to allocate sufficient funds for the reconstruction of Salahuddin, we are unable to meet the construction requirements because of the financial crisis.

The government has offered Salahuddin documentaries and photographs and prints and illustrated the devastation in the province and also reviewed the investment opportunities and create the appropriate atmosphere for companies wishing to operate in the province.

And he held the governor of Salah al-Din during his tour of the exhibition booths "in talks with major companies that have expressed their desire to work in Salahuddin," according to a statement his office.