Britain stands ready to cooperate with Iraq in the field of electricity

2016/9/26 11:25

[Where - Baghdad]

Search and Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi, with the British ambassador to Iraq, Frank Baker, the possibility of the participation of British companies in the reconstruction and support for the energy sector.

According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the Fahdawi received Becker and his accompanying delegation in his office in Baghdad During the meeting "discussed ways to develop relations and joint cooperation between Iraq and the United Kingdom in the electric power and the reconstruction of liberated areas have been exposed to the national electricity system areas damage, and the possibility of the participation of British companies in the reconstruction and support the energy sector in Iraq. "

"The Minister of Electricity accept the ministry directed towards investment in power distribution and the success of the project in the areas of Gaza [Zayouna and Yarmouk, and the extent of the positive response from the citizens in the rationalization of energy consumption, which led to increasing the number of hours of processing while reducing the volume of consumption, one of the experiences that the Ministry of Electricity is seeking to expand its work to include all Iraqi provinces, as one of the best supporting solutions to characterize the production of electrical energy, and inventory Aldhaiat rates of production and strengthen the ministry's ability to provide the maximum amount of processing to the citizen.

Fahdawi confirmed his desire and passion to invite British companies sober in the field of energy to contribute to the support of the electric power sector, as well as the reconstruction of electrical network in the liberated areas.

For his part, he praised the British ambassador, according to the statement by follow-up scored, during the current summer and the advancement of the Ministry of Electricity and the success of increasing the number of hours of processing power.

The statement noted that "at the end of the meeting the British ambassador expressed his country's readiness to open the prospects of joint constructive cooperation between the Ministry of Electricity and British companies, including contributing to the development work of the ministry.