Processing of the liberated areas of petroleum products

2016/09/26 13:36

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} processed oil products distribution company, affiliated to the Ministry of oil, and citizens in residential areas in the liberated areas of the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin, Anbar, loads of white fuel oil and gas oil {kerosine} and gasoline and liquid gas cylinders.

The Ministry statement quoted, received a copy of {Euphrates news}, the company's General Manager Ali al-Mosawi, say "alhodiat were conducted to equip citizens with the need of various petroleum products while processing ports reopened in some areas in coordination with government agencies in the liberated towns."

He added, "has been in the city forces distribute 15, 000 liters of oil free white people displaced from High Commission relief accounts 50 liters for each family, and thirteen thousand litres of gas oil supply to residential generators after endorsing the caretaker that this generated, as well as receiving two wheels before 8.30, one worker and the other being for the purpose of processing product gasoline until Government forces station rehabilitation measures."

He explained, "for spending sherqat in Salahuddin province, distributed 13 000 litres of oil to white substance from the accounts of UNHCR relief and 980 processing liquid gas cylinder through the conduct of two pelvic, additionally a competent staff is sent for the purpose of detection on the State of Assyria station restarted."

Musawi said, as "fitted Fallujah in Anbar province in excess of fuel oil products distribution company has sent a car equipped with a pelvic counter and loaded with 13, 000 liters of gasoline, in addition to sending 12 000 and 500 liters of kerosene for distribution to displaced people in karma, as well as the processing of 12 thousand and 500 litres of kerosene for residential generators, processing families b 106 liquid gas cylinder."

He stressed that "the Ministry continues in processing areas that are edited petroleum needs with high flow in coordination with the concerned authorities".