The seventh national integrity Week kicks off across provinces of Iraq

2016-09-26 at 10:46

Baghdad scales news

Body integrity, announced the launch of the seventh national integrity week across provinces of Iraq except Kurdistan.

The Commission said in a statement/balance of news copy, that "education systems and public relations Commission of integrity in cooperation with State institutions and a number of community organizations, cultural and artistic activities and series of workshops designed to focus the concepts of integrity among employees in the public sector and society.

"Come the week logo (our victories to eliminate corruption and terrorism) coinciding with the victories achieved by the sons of the armed forces and the sons of popular mobilization against gangs of ISIS; to give a clear message that the victories in the Battlefield Heroes fighting accompanied by serious efforts being made by national regulatory institutions primarily considers the integrity to Wade the risks of corruption, which has become a scourge threatening the future of our dear, silence or overlook it dangerous parallels the menace of terrorism."

And stated that "will see days of the week, which lasts till 1/10/2016, intellectual forums and media group, seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings and tv and radio programs, as well as exhibitions and theatrical activities and (musical Opera) aims to highlight the work carried out by national regulatory bodies, particularly the Commission of integrity, explain the ways and means of addressing the tricks and tricks spoilers who are moving in various ways and use different pretexts to acquire public funds and stealing food.

She states that "the first day of the week's events will establish a major celebration to be held at the National Theatre in the presence of cultural and artistic and media personalities, as well as advocates and activists in the field of combating corruption, ceremonial includes reading tribute integrity and exhibit posters, cartoon, showing operetta (Eve) as well as a documentary on the activities of the Commission of integrity".

"With the complexity on top Club Hall in Baghdad proper workshop titled (the role of media in fighting corruption) in Wasit governorate Symposium cultural event and the second day of the week a set of events in a number of provinces such as Kirkuk, Babil, Wasit, complexity of Department of education and public relations educational session with the independent High Electoral Commission.

However, the mechanisms of cooperation between the Commission of integrity and civil society organizations, and ways of enhancing transparency and combating corruption complicate relations with NGOs in the interactive seminar organisation with (hope) a national civil society organizations.

It reported that "Community institution will attend President considers integrity Dr Hassan Al-yasiri in the third day of the week to view the actions of the Commission and its approach in addressing administrative and financial corruption and constraints faced, as well as a children's culture House Theatre events and seminars in Baghdad and Missan.

Woashart to "Department of education and public relations held in cooperation with the Ministry of culture the Commission General of Antiquities and heritage on the fourth day of the week-workshop on the ethics of journalism, as well as a children's culture House Theater at events, and events in the provinces of Muthanna, Najaf, Thi-Qar and the Ministry of youth and Sports Festival in Baghdad."

"On the educational institution's role in promoting a culture of integrity education and public relations department organizes in cooperation with the Commission raising a second educational seminar Karkh, a ritual in Diyala and Salahuddin.

She stressed that "Mole Ballroom Gala to honor integrity bhiah top students for the academic year 2016-undergraduate study in the fifth day of the week, as well as the presentation of Operetta (pounds and over) and exhibitions mural bulletins, posters and caricature in children's culture house scene. And the oil Culture Center Hall Basra six holding ceremonial County.

The week concludes stage show in Baghdad's Mutanabi Street, as well as an exhibition of children's drawings organized by the circle of relations with non-governmental organizations in cooperation with the Commission (social solidarity)