Fair court sentences to imprisonment for ten years against convicted of stealing public funds

2016-09-26 11:02 p.m.
Baghdad scales news

Fair body, announced Monday, of a slew absentia against clients of Rafidain; for theft of public funds, worth more than 51 billion dinars.

The investigations service body quoted in integrity, in a statement received/balance news/copy, seven were issued the nine absentia convicts, some of whom had been convicted twice for stealing public funds based on the provisions of article 444/IV and XI of the Penal Code, "explaining that details the issues back to different periods of the year 2013.

The Chamber said that "convicted bootleggers in conjunction with other convicts edit unsecured credit instruments, endorsement of those instruments by other suspects whose cases are scattered and deposit of instruments and withdraw amounts from banks without a civil electronic clearing.

She continued, "the seven resolutions against all convicts (h. o. o) and (p) and included ten years imprisonment each for stealing more than 17 billion dinars through seven unsecured credit instruments", accompanying the convicted were judged p. k. in ten years in prison for stealing five billion dinars through unlocked instrument balance.

She drew that injunction was issued to convicts (DFS) (o. c.) to ten years in prison for stealing more than four billion dinars across four unsecured credit instruments, another provision requiring jail for ten years against each of them, stealing $ 650 million dinars, "indicating" the convicted sentenced to UAE for ten years in prison for stealing more than eight billion and 1.5 billion across four unsecured credit instruments ".

She drew out, "judge convicted (r. g. j) ten years in prison for stealing more than two and a half billion across two other insurers balance, judge convicts (k. p. p) and (p. c. h) to 10 years in prison for stealing more than ten billion across six and a half billion unsecured credit instruments".

The statement said that "the decision to ensure that warrants and investigate convicts, remand actually support their movable and immovable property, and the right of the affected side to seek compensation if the acquisition resolution deterministic class."