WB: Basra is rich and it is our priority to provide the environment for investment in the province

2016/09/26 12:19

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Basra Investment Commission President on the GASPE with a group of World Bank Adviser Mahmud shelf development investment environment in the province.

Number of the statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today, "the head of the Basra Investment Commission on GASPE Mohammed met on the World Bank's programme to develop investment environment in Basra International Bank consultant expert in draw sectoral strategy and private sector development Mahmoud Abdelkader shelf and his entourage, during the meeting to discuss the economic situation in Basra, and develop investment environment, World Bank contribution in drawing investment strategy."

And across the GASPE engineer Mohamed thanked the World Bank support to Basra, providing consulting and services as part of his plan to improve the investment environment in Basra, Basrah, enjoy the privileges and opportunities to make Iraq's economic gate, calling on the World Bank to open dialogues with all economic operators in the province of the private sector and year to stand on track and see the advantages enjoyed by the province as part of the investment map drawing mechanism.

World Bank consultant stressed during the meeting that "the rich province of Basra, and enjoy exceptional investment opportunities, and priorities of the World Bank support the Basra Investment Commission and provide a suitable environment to establish a huge investment in the province."

"The Bank is committed to supporting investment in Basra, providing aid to alleviate the financial pressure that passes by Iraq, by supporting the investors to set up large groups divided into Basra, Basra's success at this point is the success of the World Bank, noting that the delegation" and to prepare a strategy for the development of investment in Basra has a clear vision of the huge opportunities enjoyed by the Governor it will draw specific map according to the modern framework of investment sectors in the province. "

"The delegation consisted of consultant punitive Mahmud Abdel Kader and muhannad Executive Director for market research and the Iraqi programme Kazim market research", noting that "the delegation will set meetings with public and private sector such as business associations and the Basra Chamber of Commerce and industry in addition to the General company to Iraq".