Discuss the "crisis housing, water and electricity" paragraphs parliamentary agenda tomorrow.

2016-09-25 at 20:54

Baghdad the balance of news

The House resumes regular meeting, 20, on Monday, to discuss the crisis housing, water and electricity, as well as other topics.

In a statement, the Board said, "count", received a copy of it, "Parliament would hold regular meeting tomorrow, and started reading the statement of the Chairman of the Commission alberlmbih and the players and coach," stating that "Parliament will kick off the general topic regarding invitations to divide Nineveh."

The statement added that "the House of representatives will work on the first reading of the second amendment Bill to the law repealing legal provisions that prevent the courts from hearing lawsuits (17) of its 200, the first reading of the draft law Iraqi body count."

The statement noted that "the Parliament will discuss the general topic of discussion about addressing the housing crisis and the report of the accession of the Republic of Iraq Bill to the second Protocol to the Hague Convention of 4 13 on the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict".

And the statement that "Parliament will discuss the report first amendment Bill for the care of Minors Act 8 V, 1989, report and discuss the proposal firms Act Amendment Act number 1 2/1997 amended".

He continued, "that will display the report and discuss the proposed law communications and Media Commission, and the general topic of discussion regarding the file up water and electricity.

The Council noted that "the meeting starts at 11:00 am."