Launching his predecessor 10 million next week via card "ironing card


The integrity Commission announced in the House of representatives, said Sunday the employee advances 10 million dinars will launch next week, as it revealed disbursed across the card to card, convert some ministries to Rasheed Bank loans.

The Chairman said in an interview after the meeting, Talal Al-zawbai of Rafidain and Rashid managers, "hosted today, managers of Rafidain and Rasheed on about employee loans, for which guarantee mechanism to combat corruption in the granting of loans", stating that "the new mechanism guaranteeing non-interference by any employee so apply through the electronic form".

He said some ministries, "Al-zawbai didn't include the Rafidain Bank loans such as health, Interior and defence, and after discussions with bank managers have been adding these ministries to Rasheed Bank, Rafidain Bank supports other ministries," likely "possibility of launching the Ministry of finance for self employees next week via card (ironing card).