Cabinet: the draft five-year leave for employees included in next year's budget

25/09/2016 05:55


Cabinet Secretariat revealed, Sunday, the project staff included five years leave balance next year, emphasizing her quest for an amendment to the Civil Service Act to include the project permanently.

Secretariat Secretary General Mehdi relationship in a press interview that "the draft five-year leave for employees who voted unanimously by the Cabinet have been included in the budget bill for next year 2017."

He added that "the Secretariat relations seeks to amend the Civil Service Act to include the project permanently," indicating that "the purpose behind it is to deal with the State to invest in services slack work Government departments".

He added that "the project ensures an employee wishing to leave for five years with a full name, noting that" renewed for five more years will be installed without a salary to pay pension amounts for these years.

The Cabinet discussed on 6 September last in its ordinariness, give employees five years leave full name salary counted for retirement.