Infallible to develop textile industries through Bangladeshi expertise

1 hour ago


The President of the Republic Fouad Massoum Iraq's readiness to facilitate action to receive tourists from Bangladesh, invited to contribute in developing Iraqi textile industries by making use of Bangladeshi experience.

The Presidency said in a statement it had received (independent) said Sunday that the President Fouad Massoum recognizes in the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Sunday, the credentials of the Ambassador of Bangladesh's new Iraq Abu mcsod Farhad "

Infallible stressed during the statement, "Iraq's desire to develop friendly relations and cooperation with Bangladesh at all levels and serves the common interests of the peoples of the two friendly countries," Iraq's readiness to facilitate all procedures to receive tourists from Bangladesh.

Infallible invited to contribute to the development of textile industries through Bangladeshi expertise in this area. "

For his part, stressed Farhad "his design to make all possible efforts to consolidate cooperation frameworks and relations with Iraq in all fields, especially in the agricultural and trade sectors.