Oil Ministry calls for the use of liquid gas as fuel to reduce the environmental damage

2016/9/25 15:16

[Where - Baghdad]

Called on the Ministry of Oil, on Sunday, the citizens to use liquid gas as fuel to reduce environmental damage.

According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of "The oil ministry undersecretary for gas Hamid Younis announced the start of a campaign to encourage people to use fuel liquid gas for cars instead of gasoline because they provide the experience of the economic and environmental benefits, particularly the one hand, the price of fuel liquid gas with a 200 dinars per liter compared to gasoline at a price of 450 dinars per liter.

He said Younis "The ministry calls on citizens to equip their vehicles fuel system and liquid gas, and is ready to set up such a system through special workshops distributed in Baghdad and the provinces.

He continued We call on citizens to use liquid gas as a fuel for heating purposes instead of being white oil reduces environmental damage and imports.

He added that "Mansour fuel station experienced a process of supplying liquid gas fuel vehicles through the pumps where the operation took place high smoothly today."

The statement noted that "the tour and undersecretary of the ministry and a number of officials also included a visit to the workshop Add the liquid to the gas system cars in circulation, and allows the system in addition to the vehicles in front of the owner of the vehicle options dual-use and saving money for the national economy."

For his part, the spokesman of the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, ministries, agencies and government departments to encourage this experience and instruct their employees to add the liquid gas system for their cars because they provide economic and environmental benefits and provide hard currency for the country because the fuel liquid gas consumption reduces expenses to less than half of the expenses of consumption gasoline.

It called the Oil Ministry statement said government departments to adopt the fuel liquid gas for their cars instead of gasoline, expressing its willingness to add fuel gas liquid system to government vehicles and the citizenry at large.

A spokesman for the ministry, said that the use of fuel gas liquid system by the ministries, agencies and departments cars will reduce government expenditures by more than 50 percent, calling on ministries, agencies and government departments to adopt the fuel, liquid gas for cars affiliate system instead of gasoline. "

The Oil Ministry announced last September 19 for a reduced price of fuel and liquid gas for vehicles to 200 dinars per liter instead of 250 dinars per liter.

The oil ministry had earlier opened the two plants to supply the automotive fuel of liquid gas in Rusafa, one and the other in Karkh.