The fertilizer industry company looking with a Japanese delegation plants rehabilitation project

2016/9/25 12:08

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

General fertilizer industry company has examined a Ministry of industry and minerals with Japanese Ambassador to Iraq {Vimeo Iwai} and JICA project funded company delegation results of its rehabilitation project productivity through Japanese loan,

The Ministry said in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today, "during the visit to discuss developments in the qualification stages of the company since 2005 in cooperation with the Japanese Government, which resulted in an increase in production capacities and achieve total 70% of capacity as the delegation toured the company's various production departments for executing actions on the ground."

The company said the fertilizer industry General Fawzi Abbas during a joint press conference with the Japanese delegation, said that "this visit came to follow rehabilitation project carried out in cooperation and funding from the Japanese JICA Corporation and estimated total cost {160} million dollars equivalent {18} billion yen and three stages", praising the "deep historical relations that bind the two countries spanning from the 1970s.

He expressed "pride in this visit and the joint cooperation and coordination with the Japanese side to accomplish this project once and for all to reach 100% factory to cards by 2018.

For his part through Japanese Ambassador hailed the cooperation with the Iraqi Government on a number of projects in the provinces of Basra, Maysan, including fertilizer plant rehabilitation project in Basra, which is only for the production of fertilizers in Iraq, stressing "rehabilitation project by 2018, to be able to produce twice what was produced in 2004.

Wash that "Japan since 2003 and still provide moral and financial support and humanitarian support for the Iraqi people and will stand by his side as long as Iraqis their seriousness and tireless efforts to make the future of their country."

Kumiko Ojeda JICA representative confirmed during the joint press conference, was impressed by the fertilizer industry company in Basra and its appreciation for the efforts made to develop rehabilitation project, stating that "Japanese JICA Corporation glad lmahakkth rehabilitation project and aspires to implement more projects to improve the lives of optometrists.

The fertilizer industry company completed the first and second phases of the rehabilitation units in Basra and is now in the process of studying and implementing the third and final phase to solve problems and bottlenecks that are still experiencing production lines for the purpose of completing the whole project and production capacities to design energy.