"The law" denies the existence of signatures to interrogate al-Jaafari and Zidane

Denied coalition of state law, Sunday, having the signatures of parliamentary questioning the foreign ministers of Ibrahim al - Jaafari and Agriculture Falah Zaidan, as he emphasized the impossibility of sacking Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi through the present time.
The MP said the coalition Jassim Mohammed Jaafar in a press statement, said that "there are no signatures parliamentary currently questioning Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari and Agriculture Minister Falah Zaidan also announced some of Representatives , " noting that " the parliament plans to question the prime CMC Safa al- Din spring."
He added that "it is not possible to dismiss Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , or one of the three presidencies during this time that were not impossible because it is entitled to the collection of more than 163 votes."
Jaafar stressed that " the interrogation process personal right of any deputy finds that there is evidence to shorten the administrator and can not be counted step toward impeachment, but in the absence of conviction Council with answers the questioner."