Integrity: judging Zbonin of government bank customers to prison for stealing more than one and a half billion dinars

Competent integrity issues Criminal Court issued Sunday, sentenced in absentia to spend in prison for ten years for Zbonin of the state 's Rafidain Bank customers; more than one billion dinars for stealing.
According to the investigations department in the board integrity, exhibition of her talk about the case, the issuance of judgment in absentia the right of each of the convicts (H.s.b) and (A.a.h) to Aguetrafhma crime acquisitions unlawfully public money.
According to details of the case to the feet of those convicted on the theft of $ (1,625,000,000) one billion, six hundred and twenty - five million dinars, by editing the instrument by the first defendant in agreement and sign up with a number of Alravedan- Bank staff brotherhood branch to the beneficiary the second defendant who check in to their account bank and withdraw money without electronic clearing.
The trial court found as a result of its available evidence and proof, convicts escape from justice and the presumption is sufficient and convincing to make it a crime, based on the provisions of Article 444 / Fourth and eleventh of the Penal Code.
The decision ensures the sentencing of convicted fugitive endorse booked their money movable and immovable property, and giving the right hand of the affected request compensation if the acquisition of the decision become final.