Ecuador hopes Ptousel OPEC agreement on oil prices

Through Ecuador 's president Rafael Correa, Sunday, hope to reach an agreement to stabilize the oil market in the next meeting in Algeria , warning of serious dangers threatening the organization in the event of failure to reach an agreement.
The OPEC members will hold an informal meeting in Algeria from 26 to 28 September.
Correa said in his weekly television broadcast on "meeting will be held for another purpose but all OPEC members are there so we hope to hold meetings and other informal agreements reached in order to stabilize the oil market."
"If not , then the consequences will be dire could lead to the disintegration of the OPEC itself .. but there is a risk that leads to disagreements within OPEC prices tumbled again."
And it supports the lease on the smallest producer in Venezuela Oopk- position which demands install production levels to reduce the oversupply in the market and support prices