Terminal: questioning a constitutional right and not a personal or grumous

Special - balances News
MP for the citizen Habib Terminal, Sunday, that the mass of the legislative power of the House of Representatives among the duty control over the executive power, interrogation is a constitutional right and not a personal right or grumous. He's Terminal / balances News /, that "there are those who expect that the questioning is part of the duties of the parliament, and therefore believes that the interrogation ladder and can climb to him degree after another is not true." He added that the Terminal "and one of his duties is the legislation and then control," noting that "the interrogation of the mechanisms of control and there is no harm or grudge against any particular is the Minister as such things." He Terminal that "questioning his mechanics and not the desires or tendencies are the interrogation, there is a question there is an answer, as well as there are comments, ending the conviction or not and then the withdrawal of confidence or lack of confidence motion, this is a constitutional and legal interrogation and there is no point behind the minister article Hoshyar Zebari ". He stressed Terminal, that "any deputy has the right to gather information and signatures in order to interrogate any official in the executive branch." The House of Representatives voted last week to withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari for not being content with the answers that face his questioner MP for the Reform Front Haitham Alajabura.anthy From: Flaih slain